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A replica of a specific 80’s rack chorus that rules vintage markets and has recently been sold only in small batch reissues…Now available to the masses in pedal format, at an affordable price…with Tap Tempo!

 RT ElecTRonix is proud to present the Threeway Stereo Chorus. The Threeway features 3 chorus voices supported—each—by their own bucket brigade devices. This blend of different voices makes for the thickest, lushest chorus sound imaginable.

 A faithful recreation, the Threeway can operate in Preset or Manual mode, or both at the same time. Tap tempo affects the Manual mode and is dependent upon the Tempo X switch. Our only visible mod to this iconic design is the addition of a Mix control to blend in dry signal.

 RT Electronix was granted access to the only commercially available vintage (3) stereo chorus unit in Nashville and spent hours painstakingly documenting its inner workings. That design has been miniaturized and augmented in a way that made it less noisy, sonically clearer, and most importantly compact enough to fit in a standard pedal enclosure. We consider this to be the world’s finest chorus.


Intensity: 1 for each voice (Left-Center-Right)
Tempo X: 8-position switch selects tap tempo multiplier. Ranges from x.06 to x4.
Rate: Controls chorus speed for Manual Mode.
Width: Sets amount of stereo spread for manual mode.
Mix: Sets wet/dry mix of chorus and dry signal.
Preset Switch: Activates/deactivates Preset Mode.
Manual Switch: Activates/deactivates Manual Mode.


True Stereo Output
XSYNC Compatible
True Bypass Switching
Parallel DC Thru Jack


12V DC Pin Positive / 150 mA

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