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More precise than a foot, the Auto Fade is smooth and in tempo—offering perfect volume swells and an all analog signal path. Give your foot a rest!

 The Auto Fade is an alternative to traditional volume pedals. By tapping the tempo and setting a fade and release, the Auto Fade will deliver perfect volume swells for every note you play. Fades can be set extra slow or incredibly fast; creating swells which can be difficult—if not impossible—with traditional volume pedals.

 Fade releases can be determined automatically via the Release Switch, manually with a keyboard sustain pedal, or by holding the on/off switch, the Auto Fade’s tempo can be locked; this allows use of the Tap Tempo switch as a manual sustain/release. Manual sustain/release allows for infinite flexibility and creativity.


Fade: Selects fade-in relative to Tap Tempo. Range 1/16th to 2 bars of 4/4.
Sensitivity: Allows user to dial in the optimum input level.
Release: Sets Release to instant, infinite, auto,1/2x, 1x, or 2x the Fade.
Hard/Soft: Sets the Release type.
On/Off: Hold for Tempo Lock.
Tap Tempo: In Tempo Lock, this footswitch acts as a manual sustain/release.


Sustain Pedal Input
True Bypass Switching
X-Sync Compatible
Input Clipping LED


9V DC Pin Negative / 100 mA

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